Exciting news for 2024, Tokai Lions has launched a new partnership with local optometrist Vision Works in Blue Route Mall, Tokai, where we will be providing eye examinations and prescription glasses free of charge to underprivileged children of school age in our local area. This partnership is in collaboration with our Multiple District organisation, BrightSight.

To kick off our new Childhood Vision Projection, children of the Westlake community who have been identified to have visual impairments have been lined up for appointments at Vision Works. In our first couple of weeks, six children have had eye examinations, with four requiring spectacles, and two needing follow up.

Tokai Lions Club also has its own eye clinic in Khayelitsha, it has assisted in training local community workers to go out into the community to deliver free eye screening and readers for patients. The cost of running the clinic, and delivering screening and readers, is met by fundraising and donations.