GC Rieber eeZeePaste

Since March 2021, Tokai Lions have received over R10 million worth of donations from GC Rieber of eeZeePaste Nut, a Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) developed for the management of severe acute malnutrition.
eeZeePaste Nut is packed in 92g flexible foil, now commonly known as peanut butter sachets.

This donation has been shared with organisations and over 55 Lions Clubs nationwide. Each sachet is 500 calories and provides nutrition and energy needed for those malnourished, or struggling to buy food. Children were given it with porridge, with bread, as snacks, and they love it.
It has gone a long way to alleviate hunger in the communities, and we continue to distribute the
peanut butter sachets still even now.
GC Rieber is the company who made the donations to Tokai Lions. Seabourne, Right Side Up
and Wolf Logistics are freight/logistics companies who helped transport the peanut butter sachets
countrywide free of charge. A new partnership was also established with Off Road Rescue Unit
Cape Town, who helped distribute the product to remote rural locations, and a 4×4 Care Convoy
was created to distribute the emergency food.