Soetwater Environmental Centre

Soetwater Environmental Education Centre to very close to our hearts, a beautiful center on the beach in Kometjie.  Traditionally each year Tokai Lions organise for children from communities such as Masiphemlele, Westlake, CAFDA, and Vrygrond to visit the Soetwater Environmental Centre in Kommetjie for an environmental awareness day. On the day the children join in activities such as a beach clean up, an educational bird and snake show, fun on an obstacle course, plus get treated to lunch, juice and fruit. The children are also given a talk about the importance of keeping their environment clean by Centre Manager Lappies.  

During the pandemic, it was also been our pleasure to assist SEEC with fundraising to try and keep the Centre running whilst in lockdown.  We were very proud to be part of the fundraising that raised over R200,000 for the Centre, plus producing a beautiful 2021 calendar to raise further funds.

We look forward to getting our community children back to the Centre when safety restrictions are lifted.